With the holidays upon us, we've put together our Top 10 Shopping Safety Tips to pass onto family and friends!

  1. When possible, avoid carrying a purse or wallet. If you do carry a purse, keep a firm grasp on it while shopping.
  2. Be aware of strangers who approach you; distraction is a common tactic used by thieves.
  3. Keep your ATM Card and cell phone in a safe place.
  4. When entering your pin number, make sure you’re not being watched.
  5. Keep packages in the trunk of your car, or out of view, while you continue to shop.
  6. When shopping with small children, teach your child their address and phone number in case you are separated. You can also print the information on an index card and place in a pocket of the child.
  7. Keep a record of all your credit card numbers in a safe place at home.
  8. Always be alert to your surroundings.
  9. Keep your cash in a front pocket.
  10. Keep all your original receipts.

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and happy time this holiday season.

The team at Cambridge Security Services

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