Clent Schoonover

Director of Operations, Collier and Lee Counties

Clent SchoonoverClent Schoonover joined the Cambridge team as Operations Manager for our Gulf Coast Branch in May of 2018 before being promoted to Director of Operations for that branch in June of 2020. Clent is a career law enforcement and security professional with over 27 years of experience. Prior to joining Cambridge Security, he spent more than 10 years as an instructor in the public and private sectors. During that time, Clent taught tactics, firearms, search and rescue and operational fundamentals for Mobius Training Solutions and the DHS Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

Before working in tactical training, Clent was a Protective Special Agent and Instructor for the Central Intelligence Agency. During that time, he operated in multiple capacities with the Global Response Staff, providing primary operational support for high threat meetings and operations in the foreign field during deployments to South America, Southwest Asia, Eastern Europe, as well as North and Central Africa. Clent was a Deputy Sheriff in Garza County, Texas for 6 years, where he was assigned to narcotics. Prior to working in law enforcement, Clent spent 8 years in the United States Army as a team leader.