Commercial Real Estate Security Services


Cambridge Security offers a range of commercial real estate security services to building owners, managers, and supervisors. We help maintain a safe and pleasant work environment for corporate tenants—employees, clients, and other visitors—and service providers. From the lobby to the executive suite, our security officers ensure that the people within your building’s community feel secure enough to do their jobs and that visitors receive the appropriate blend of courtesy and screening.

“As trained security officers with many years of experience in commercial real estate security, we have four objectives in our approach to managing a corporate environment:
1. To put in place a highly visible security presence and physical barriers that deter criminals and opportunists from targeting our client’s property.
2. To respond quickly and skillfully to a threat to reduce or eliminate the potential for harm.
3. Whenever possible, to use techniques designed to de-escalate the situation and to disable a threat without the use of weapons.
4. To make the people in our building’s community feel safe and welcome every day.
We recruit security officers who understand our role, and are capable of meeting our high standards and expectations.”John McGee, Director of Marketing and Sales

Our Commercial Real Estate security team has developed security protocols and procedures for office buildings and other commercial complexes and campuses that are tested and proven. Whether it’s dealing with an unauthorized visitor, or evacuating the entire building and campus due to a security threat, Cambridge Security officers are trained to manage security situations and confrontations in a professional and appropriate manner.

Critically, we understand that security challenges in commercial environments change fundamentally over the course of 24 hours. During business hours, for example, security officers must monitor entryways and exits with a high degree of professional courtesy. Moving into the evening and early morning hours, priorities shift to proactively securing the premises against unauthorized personnel and to monitoring building systems. For these reasons, Cambridge Security develops a specific security plan for each shift and staffs it with supervisors and security officers who have relevant training and experience in each post and task. Site preparation and readiness are important aspects of our service, and they offer a competitive advantage.

Our clients and officers have access to our national command center, which operates 24/7, and is poised to respond to any request for additional services or personnel your property may require.

Our scope of work varies from situation to situation. In most cases, we are responsible for greeting and vetting people in the reception area or lobby; visitor management; implementing and using tools that allow us to monitor and assess activity in public areas (such as CCTV security monitoring and surveillance systems, access control cards, remote video monitoring); and patrolling the grounds and parking lots.

We are pleased to offer you a free site assessment, and will provide references on request. Please contact Cambridge Security at 844-GUARDU2 for more information on our Commercial Real Estate security services.