Healthcare Security Services

Cambridge Security is a premier provider of security services to hospitals, healthcare facilities, medical offices, visiting nurse organizations, hospice teams, and medical field staff.

Cambridge Security has extensive experience providing healthcare security services to the healthcare industry. Working with clients nationwide, our licensed security officers are engaged in services that range from hospital security and campus patrol to security escort programs for visiting nurse organizations and hospice teams. We support and assist healthcare organizations in various capacities to improve security and safety for patients, staff and visitors, and increase overall service effectiveness. Further, by closely monitoring all entrances and exits of your facility, we protect patient privacy, and help prevent internal theft of medical supplies and equipment.

Our healthcare security experts will work with you to create a custom solution that ensures the highest level of security without compromising the caring atmosphere your organization upholds. Our team appreciates the critical care that the healthcare industry provides and can bring about full-service protection at costs within reach.

Cambridge Security’s healthcare security officers are properly trained and prepared to perform their job. We require that our healthcare security officers meet or exceed the training standards of the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS). We have been through many JCAHO Commission inspections with our clients and are always prepared in the event of emergencies or disasters.



For more information on our healthcare security services and how we address the security needs of healthcare facilities of all types—hospitals, extended care facilities, nursing homes, assisted living residences—please click here to visit our facilities page.


In addition to security for healthcare facilities, we offer a range of healthcare security services to ensure the safety of visiting nurses and hospice workers as part of home healthcare programs. For a detailed description of our Clinician Escort Program, click here.

Our healthcare security services for home healthcare programs include:

Driving Escort Services

Cambridge Security’s driving escort program provides a state-licensed security officer to accompany your medical staff to a patient home, providing a safe and secure environment for your medical staff to care for your patients. Our security officer/driver will pick up your medical staff employee at their home or your office. At the completion of their daily assignments, they will return them to either their home or your office.

Walking Escort Services

Our walking security escort will meet your medical staff employee in the field or at your office. They will accompany your employee to the patient’s home providing any combination of the following functions:
• Security services – providing a safe and secure environment for your medical staff to care for your patients
• Translation services – work as a translator in concert with both your medical staff and your patients

Patient Locator Services

Cambridge Security’s patient locator service is one of the more unique services that we provide. We will locate patients who live in major metropolitan areas who have not responded to your telephone calls, or letters, regarding managed long-term care.

Customized Reporting for Healthcare Security Officers

Cambridge Security can create detailed reports that will capture information that is crucial to your organization to optimize the productivity of your employees. As an example, we have collected information on time spent with patients and travel time between patient visits, logistically scheduling medical staff visit assignments to minimize unproductive daily down time.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your healthcare security needs. We offer a free site analysis and references on request. Please call John McGee at 866-645-1682 for more information.

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