Is Your Property Prepared for Hurricane Season?

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Our Security Experts’ Recommendations for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season begins June 1st and runs through November 30th: Have you prepared a natural disaster security plan? Cambridge Security works with property managers to develop proactive hurricane preparedness plans for property owners, managers, companies and organizations to ensure safety in the face of natural disasters. Throughout our years of experience in the security field, one thing we’ve impressed upon the clients we serve is that it’s never too early to prepare. Having a comprehensive action plan before hurricane season starts can save critical time in the event of an emergency.

Before the storm season begins, plan ahead by sharing this information with your community:

  • Know the locations of official shelters in the area.
  • Determine safe evacuation routes inland.
  • Check emergency equipment, such as flashlights, generators and battery-powered equipment such as cell phones, with backup batteries for each device.
  • Buy plywood that can be used to protect windows, doors, etc., along with the tools to install it in the event of an emergency.
  • Trim any trees and shrubbery to prevent falling debris.
  • Check rain gutters and downspouts for clogs, and repair any that are out of place.
  • Decide where to move or store vehicles, including boats.
  • Review your insurance policy.
  • Know the location of pet-friendly hotels on your evacuation route.
  • Locate and restock your first aid kit.
  • Make sure each individual has enough nonperishable food and water for one week, along with 30 days supply of any medications they might need.

How does Cambridge Security approach hurricane preparation with the businesses and communities we serve? We offer a comprehensive approach to natural disaster security, with assessments before and after storms, along with security support in the midst of a natural disaster with offices from South Florida to the Greater New York City area. Our security experts provide on-site walk throughs to assess each property, making recommendations and assisting with preparation before any storms are forecasted. In the event of a natural disaster, Cambridge Security’s highly trained officers can be rapidly deployed to provide emergency security support, and to monitor situations as they develop. Our National Command Center, linked to state and local law enforcement agencies allows for 24/7 security and immediate response.  To learn more about our natural disaster security services, click here.