News You Can Use Issue 8 / October 2013
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IN THIS ISSUE Letter from the President | Rutgers | Cambridge Officers Save Lives | Why Cambridge Security Hires Veterans

Letter from the President

I can’t say I remember the first football game Rutgers ever played (no one can —it was well over 100 years ago). But I clearly recall opening day at the new Rutgers stadium in Piscataway. It was in 1994, the same year Cambridge Security expanded our services into other states.

A lot has changed since then. College football has become big business, the stadium is now called High Point Solutions Stadium, has been expanded and improved to accommodate immense crowds.

Cambridge Security has expanded, too, in response to growing customer demands in an increasingly complex and dangerous world. Which is what makes our new partnership with Rutgers Football so refreshing? Many things have changed since I started at Cambridge, but college football crowds are not one of them. And while our work at the Rutgers games is a serious and important addition to our responsibilities, helping out so many exuberant, carefree fans is truly a delight.

All the best,
Stanley J. Czwakiel
President, Cambridge Security Services

Rutgers Scarlet Knights team up with Cambridge Security

For the thousands of football fans watching Rutgers’ Scarlet Knights do battle against Arkansas, the September 21st game was a nail biter (Rutgers came from behind to win 28 – 24). But while the huge crowd focused on the action, 120 Cambridge employees tended to the fans themselves.
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Cambridge officers save lives

There was nothing to report at first. Gate Officer Raj Deonarine was conducting a regular patrol of the area between the gatehouse and the gazebo at Palma Vista, Florida. Cambridge has handled security for the upscale neighborhood for three years, but officer Deonarine was relatively new to the assignment and to Cambridge.
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Why Cambridge Security hires veterans

Pop quiz: A veteran returns from a tour of duty overseas and applies to you for a job. Do you see (A) a loyal, highly-skilled team player, who will embrace company policies and organizational structure, but who can adapt to rapidly changing work situations, or (B) a short-timer with potentially serious mental health issues?
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We’ve welcomed back an employee and taken on a number of new clients in New York, New Jersey and Florida...Read More>

Test your knowledge of senior scams

Why do con artists so often target senior citizens? The usual answers are true to some extent: older people tend to be more trusting; some are lonely or fearful; and many fail to report scams they have experienced. But perhaps the primary reason criminals target seniors is…

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