Residential Security Services


Our residential security experts are here to help you keep your building and community safe and secure. Cambridge Security has more than 30 years of experience providing residential security services to apartments, condos, HOA, co-ops and residential communities. We understand how important it is to implement security measures that protect your residents and their property, while maintaining an atmosphere that is appropriate for residents, visitors, and service providers.

Cambridge Security has established an unprecedented record of excellence in the field of residential security.

Working with board and association members, building owners, and property managers, our residential security professionals will conduct a free site analysis of your property, developing a security plan specific for your security needs and budget. We have a reputation of providing security services of the highest standards at competitive pricing.

Cambridge Security’s residential security services include: high-level concierge, lobby security receptionists, doormen, and campus and parking lot security. We can supplement our human presence with technology solutions, such as electronic surveillance, biometric readers, and card access. Our services also include security alarm response services to verify alarm activity, and emergency security services. These are available to our clients 24/7.

Our residential security services are offered in a way that reflects the community’s personality and prestige. Setting the right tone starts with assigning the right security personnel. Cambridge Security carefully selects and supervises our security personnel. Our training program includes on-site orientation and on-going classwork. By investing time and resources in carefully selecting and training our security officers, Cambridge Security can provide residential communities with a high quality service, and the continuity so essential to creating a sense of community.

Doorman/Concierge/Lobby Security

Our concierge and doormen have three roles: ensuring the safety of residents, protecting property, and enhancing quality of life for the residents.

CAM109_0420They are the face of your building. They monitor guest traffic, enforce residential conduct codes, and assist with receiving packages, hailing cabs and other personal services.

They also are proactive when it comes to building maintenance. Sometimes, it’s as simple as calling a resident when a parking lot patrol finds a flat tire or notifying maintenance of burnt-out light bulbs in stairwells.

Gated Communities

Quaint as it often looks, the guardhouse at the entrance to a gated community functions as the development’s nerve center. The security officers manning the guardhouse manage a complex stream of visitors, deliveries, and resident requests.
Once assigned, Cambridge Security officers control entry points and patrol the grounds with vigilance and courtesy. Drawing on their experience and on their knowledge of the community, they document every incident and irregularity. This information is reported to our 24-hour National Command Center, through which the officers and their supervisors work with the client and local law enforcement, if necessary, to resolve security threats.

Campus and Parking Lot Security

IMG_7424-car-employmentCambridge Security will conduct an assessment of your campus and parking lot, identifying vulnerable areas and making recommendations on how to improve safety. We provide mobile patrols, foot patrols, and bike patrols for campus and parking lot security. Our security officers are all equipped with radios, allowing us to deliver a rapid response. As part of our daily monitoring routine, we compile information such as daily lighting reports and number of residents assisted. We provide copies of all reports to the facilities manager. Cambridge partners with local law enforcement to provide better security services.

Request a free site analysis today! We would welcome the opportunity to talk about the security needs and challenges of your building or community. Please call us for more information about our residential security services at 844-GUARDU2.

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