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Retail Security Loss Prevention MagazineServing a number of national retail chains, Cambridge Security provides retail security services for each aspect of the retail business from focusing on loss prevention at store locations and distribution centers to courteous, but vigilant attention at corporate offices. Our retail security officers are trained to help reduce inventory loss and to give your customers additional confidence and assistance. Each environment requires a different strategy and a tailored solution, from uniformed officers and electronic surveillance cameras to business-attired investigators and undercover agents. We are especially adept at handling liquidations, grand openings, store closings and protection.


Cambridge Security’s long-standing view is that there is no substitute for having a security officer — highly trained and experienced—on site to deter theft, keep customers safe, and respond directly to emergencies. Working with store personnel, our officers also help manage external security threats such as problem customers, loitering, and gang activity, with professionalism that is always mindful of our client’s image.

Armed Security Escorts

Retail Armed SecurityCambridge Security’s Armed Security Escort Division consists of highly specialized and trained officers. The officers are handpicked from our network of law enforcement, correction and military personnel. We escort precious jewelry and other high value merchandise across the country. Protecting the safety of our clients’ assets is priority one with Cambridge Security. We are able to provide these services nationwide.

Verified Alarm Response

Retail Security Verified Alarm ResponseCambridge Security has addressed the growing reluctance by local law enforcement to respond to security alarms by creating its own Verified Alarm Response (VAR) service. As part of this service, we dispatch a security guard from our national network to ascertain the cause of the alarm at client sites and verify that a break-in has occurred. Once verified, the officer notifies our National Command Center, which can then contact law enforcement and client-designated officials, as well as relay further instructions to the officer on site. Click here to continue reading about our verified security alarm response services for retailers.


Cambridge Security has the expertise and experience necessary to address the unique security challenges facing landlords and property management companies operating malls and shopping centers, and their tenants.

Theft and vandalism directly impacts business, large or small, and these expenses can be the difference between a mall tenant staying in business, or not. An effective mall security program can mitigate these risks, support tenants, and create a more welcoming environment for shoppers. Click here to continue reading about our Mall Security services.


Cambridge Security has considerable experience providing the security needs for special event retail sales, such as store openings, liquidations, renovations, and emergency situations in retail establishments throughout the US and Canada.

Retail SecurityCambridge Security has a proven national network of security companies. This network enables us to deliver consistency in standards, supervision, and client service nationwide, with fully licensed and insured security company partners.

Only Cambridge Security appreciates the magnitude of security challenges presented in openings, closings, and liquidations for a retail establishment. From the confidentiality called for in pre-sale planning and due diligence, to the sensitivity needed in maintaining positive employee relations, to the crowd control issues that arise with sales of this nature, Cambridge Security stands alone in experience and track record.

Cambridge Security understands a profitable liquidation cannot be conducted without flexibility and the ability to exploit trending sales and control costs. Our 24/7 command and control center is critical to coordinating security coverage, given the ever-changing needs in the field and the inevitable contingencies that arise. The Cambridge Command Center affords the client the luxury of last-minute adjustments, and a resource through which the allocation of man power can be managed with next-day forecasting against expense plan. Because of the large volume of customers typically expected during these types of occurrences, we post officers experienced in crowd control to deter theft and maintain order. The officers are supervised by field inspectors exclusively assigned to the sites. Security is further enhanced by constant contact with our 24-hour National Command Center, providing several layers of protection against theft, damage and other potential crimes.

Distribution Centers

Retail Security warehouse securityTheft in a distribution center can go undetected for several months or longer. Cambridge Security has the experience and trained officers to identify high-risk areas, and implement programs that save our clients millions of dollars annually.

Our services include, but are not limited to:



Retail Security warehouseWarehouses Break-ins and internal theft are reported as the two biggest concerns for warehouse managers. As important as gate houses and other access controls are, it is crucial to remember the importance of security presence throughout the warehouse to limit opportunities for internal theft. Cambridge Security has officers with experience in warehouse environments. Let Cambridge Security prepare a plan of action to work for you; reducing pilferage and theft.


Retail Security piracy retailThe U.S. entertainment industry estimates that its revenue losses due to unauthorized copying and redistribution of content is over 3 billion dollars annually. Each year hundreds of facilities are found to be illegally duplicating audiovisual content and many more remain undiscovered. Cambridge Security believes that implanting the proper team at screenings and a watchful eye on the internet can reduce the threat of piracy across the U.S. With our strategic method of officer placement and technology, we created a unique approach to detect and eliminate piracy. Whether it’s a private viewing or a major blockbuster event, Cambridge Security is here to accommodate your needs.

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