Security Consulting

A comprehensive range of security consulting services

Every day, businesses, institutions, governmental organizations, and communities throughout the United States face security threats. With headlines like “Russian Crime Ring Gains Internet Data on 1.2 Billion”, or “Sandy Looting Fears Plague New Yorkers as Nor’easter looms”, as a business leader, you have every reason to be concerned about an unforeseen event. Depending on the nature of your business and the extent of an attack, or event—whether it is physical or cyber—a breach of security and/or vulnerabilities can have a major impact on your organization and even put into jeopardy your ability to operate. It is prudent to plan for a range of scenarios and to re-evaluate your security risk on a continuous basis, understanding that the world is constantly changing, along with the threats that we face.

You have to ask yourself what it will cost us to be out of business for a day, a month, or a year? Can we survive even a temporary business interruption? Choosing to use an outside consultant to address security concerns or threats to minimize potential loss is an investment in your organization’s future.


Our world-class security experts are here to help you navigate this complex situation. Complementing our security services, Cambridge Security offers a comprehensive range of security consulting services to organizations looking to:

  1. Conduct an assessment of their risk
  2. Put in place deterrents and barriers to protect them from attacks on their assets
  3. Adopt procedures and processes designed to minimize losses in the event of a physical or cyber threat or event.

Our professionals come from law enforcement, the military, academic institutions, and the technology field, with experience working in a variety of industries. Drawing upon the skills of our executive team and our partners, we are able to address almost any security concern and/or threat to your team; property; business continuity; proprietary information; intellectual properties; and customer data. Thus, your interests will be protected and prepared to continue, regardless of the event. We’ll save you time and resources in the process. As security experts, we know the right questions to ask of vendors with respect to their products, their capabilities, and limitations, and an accurate assessment of the cost to implement security initiatives.

Our expertise includes:

    1. Physical Security Deterrents
    2. Disaster Preparation and Disaster Recovery
    3. Information Security
    4. IT Infrastructure continuity



Every client’s needs are unique. You will find us to be extremely flexible in terms of the scope of work. In making recommendations, we will work within your budget and make every effort to utilize your in-house resources. Once we have made an assessment of your situation, the next steps are up to you. Some of our clients have us oversee the implementation of recommendations, while others will their internal team take on this role. Our best advice: talk to us before you make a decision! We’re here to work with you to find the right solution for your organization. Our talent pool includes a cross-section of industries, skills, and experiences. Our ability to “hit the ground running” makes us a very sound and cost-effective choice.

Services Include:

Physical Security Deterrents

  • Physical Barriers for the protection of the perimeter
  • Access Control
  • Visitor Management
  • CCTV Security Monitoring and Surveillance Systems
  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • Security personnel Officers

 Disaster Preparation and Recovery

  • Company Disaster Plan
  • Implementation of back-up systems for power, communications, logistics, supply chain, and operations
  • Assistance with the recovery of operations and facilities
  • Temporary relocation of personnel, communication systems, IT services, and facilities

 Information Security/ Infrastructure Continuity

  •  IT Policies
  • IT Procedures/Controls
  • Firewalls
  • Virus Protection
  • Internal Access Control Systems


phases-graphicCambridge Security has a Four-Step Process for understanding your security challenges and helping you to put in place the necessary deterrents to protect your personnel, property, and information. Clear and proven, this process works. In selecting our team for a project, we consider expertise, industry knowledge, and experiences. The extent of our industry knowledge is exceptional. Understanding your business and the nuances of your industry is an important aspect in assessing risk.

Phase 1: Assess Your Situation and Exposure to Risk We begin with a security survey, or audit, as it is also referred to in the security industry, where we will conduct an assessment of your risk. This will involve a thorough examination of your physical location(s) and a comprehensive review of your policies, procedures, systems, and processes. At the end of this phase, we will provide you with a security assessment report, which summarizes our findings and identifies your organization’s strengths and vulnerabilities for your consideration.

Phase 2: Evaluate and Recommend With the security survey complete, we will evaluate your situation and determine what actions need to be taken to address current areas of vulnerability and the appropriate level of response necessary in a range of scenarios. We will work with facilities, operations, logistics, architects, engineers, and in-house security teams to design a program that provides maximum protection and ensures business continuity. Our recommendations will be prioritized, with critical actions identified first. We understand that clients have limited resources, whether it’s manpower or budget. You will find our recommendations sensible, appropriate for your current situation, and scalable for growth.

Phase 3: Implement Depending on the scope, which varies from client to client, we will work with members of your team to implement the recommendations made. When technology hardware, software, and or equipment is to be purchased, we will research the product and negotiate the price on your behalf. As mentioned above, as security experts, we know the right questions to ask of vendors with respect to their products, their capabilities, and limitations, and provide you, our client, with an accurate assessment of the cost to implement initiatives.

Phase 4: Test and Review It is very important to test the systems, equipment, and processes put in place. We will conduct multiple tests to ensure that your assets are protected and the policies, procedures, equipment, and technologies are working as required in the manner intended. You will receive a summary of our results upon completion of the various tests. In a world that is constantly changing and evolving, with cyber-attacks being carried out at an accelerated pace, and with natural and man-made disasters occurring more often, you must have a detailed and practical business continuity plan in place. We highly recommend that you put in place a review process that allows you to consider new threats and the latest tools and technologies for managing risk on a continuous basis. We are an excellent choice to protect the future of your business.


Here are some examples of the kind of projects we work on:

  • Create a disaster management plan that allows for business continuity in the case of catastrophic failure and/or loss of systems, including telecommunications, power, supply chain, transportation modes, and facilities. Include short-term backup plans, plus the possibility of temporary relocation of personnel, IT services, and operations.
  •  Expand or design a security system that includes video monitoring and remote surveillance. Research CCTV products that best suit the client’s needs.
  •  Work with in-house engineers, facilities department, and architects to protect the parameters of a building with physical barriers; and to restrict access to those with permission to enter the building through access control software and ID cards. Research appropriate physical barriers to put in place and oversee implementation. Develop a process for visitor management.
  •  Conduct pre-employment screening to identify potential employees with security issues.
  •  Create an Executive Protection Plan for a high-profile executive and family. Make recommendations for visiting a dangerous international location.
  •  Working with systems engineers, implement firewalls and virus protection to protect proprietary property and customer data.

Let our expert security consultants design, plan, and supervise the completion of all your security projects. We are happy to provide references on request. For more information, please call us at 844-GUARDU2.