Security Officer Safety Highlighted in Cambridge Security’s Training Sessions

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Cambridge Security understands the risks involved with keeping our customers and their guests safe. Equipping our officers with the tools and knowledge to mitigate those risks is of critical importance to our leadership team. Last month, our training and development team conducted sessions in our Fort Lauderdale branch on diffusing anxious or aggressive behavior; as well as proper use of handcuffs and expandable batons. Although not required by Florida laws or regulations, we believe that training our officers keeps them safer and minimizes the risk of confrontation. As is the case with all of our training, Cambridge Security Services does this at no cost to the officer.

About Our Training and Development Team

This team of qualified instructors bring with them decades of diverse law enforcement and military experience, including:

  • Police K-9 Scent and Patrol Trainer
  • S.W.A.T. Team Leaders and Operators
  • FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team Leaders
  • Former Emergency Services Training Academy Director
  • Domestic Preparedness and Counter-Terrorism Experts
  • Nationally Certified Active Shooter Response Instructors
  • ASP Certified Expandable Baton and Handcuffing Instructors

Although the likelihood of needing to use these non-lethal means of defense is highly unlikely, we feel we are obligated to train our officers for all situations that may encounter on duty.