Intermodal is a multi-mode form of transportation that uses rail, ocean vessels, trains, and trucks, to efficiently move consumer goods in containers and trailers through the domestic and international supply chain.
Cambridge Security’s Intermodal Division meets all federal and state requirements to provide port, terminal, rail and cargo security. Cambridge Security has the experience and resources available for U.S. domestic operations. Securing our terminals, ports, container ships, rail yards, and passenger lines takes special training and knowledge. Our Intermodal officers go through rigorous training and certification programs and all have completed the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC™) process and carry their TWIC ID at all times when working in a port environment.

Ferry Terminals / Water Taxis

Shortly after 9/11 Cambridge Security was asked to provide security for the NY/NJ Ferries and Terminals. Cambridge Security continues to deliver state-of-the-art security professionals experienced in Maritime/ Port Security. Our programs incorporate the right solutions in balancing the safety of passengers and the protection of port and port business operations.

Secure Transport

Cambridge Security provides for the secure transportation of high value items such as jewelry, antiques, and other items which require a high level of security. Our highly trained officers consist of Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military and Security professionals. We will provide the protection you require for your employees during the transportation process. We are also available during trade shows while items might be on display. Our attention to detail and risk assessment helps reduce our clients exposure.

Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrols are highly effective visual and physical deterrents, used to move unauthorized people off site. Our fully trained officers wear professional Cambridge Security uniforms and drive our marked vehicles, reducing the likelihood of theft, vandalism, and trespassers, while providing for the safety of the general public.

We design internal and external patrol routes, carried out randomly, so that the pattern-of-patrols remain ambiguous for all unwanted visitors. Cambridge Security also provides bicycle and golf cart patrols. These customer friendly types of patrol afford us the quickest mode of transport in a parking lot or community while protecting the environment.

Traffic Control / Flaggers

You hire traffic control/flaggers for one reason. The safety of your crews and of the general public at your job site. Traffic control is our first concern, and at Cambridge Security, we provide a vast array of traffic-related security. All Cambridge Security officers are issued the required equipment to perform their job and we are compliant with all State DOT requirements. We combine many years of experience with new approaches and technologies to provide a fresh and progressive direction in the traffic control industry.