Healthcare Professionals, Explore Our New Healthcare Employee Software Tool at the VNAA Annual Meeting, Miami, April 6-8

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The Cambridge Security healthcare team is headed to the VNAA Annual Meeting in Miami. Come meet with us, and give our NEW app a try! Developed specifically for healthcare professionals, ask to see our Visit Analysis Healthcare System App. It’s proprietary software, only available through Cambridge Security.

Visit Analysis Healthcare System App is designed to assist healthcare organizations in analyzing the number of patients your healthcare employees visit per day. You can establish metrics and benchmarking goals to maximize your team’s efficiency. Metrics available include: patient visit time, logistically scheduling travel routes, travel time, total productive time, and total downtime. All data is captured real-time and can be classified from zip code to census tract level.

In conjunction with Visit Analysis Healthcare System App, we will work with you to create robust reports to help you meet your scheduling and productivity objectives.

Find us at Booth 211 at the VNAA Annual Meeting, running from April 6-8 in Miami, FL. For more information on the event, please visit:

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