Quality Security Services Since 1987

Cambridge Security Services is an American-owned and operated private security company that has been providing quality security services since 1987. The company was founded by our CEO, Ethan Lazar.  At the time, Mr. Lazar was working as a Vice President and General Counsel in the real estate development and management industry. In that role, he found a need for a competent, customer focused security firm in Manhattan.  After several disappointing contracts, forming his own company seemed to be the only way he could please his residents and clients.

Cambridge Security was founded as a doorman and concierge service for high-rise residential buildings, and then as demand for its service increased Cambridge became a full-service security company providing both doorman and security guard services throughout New York City. It wasn’t long before the newest company in New York earned a reputation for world-class customer service in the private school sector as well, and our education protection division was formed. A warm body in a uniform was not something Mr. Lazar was willing to offer to his clients, so acting on the opportunity given to him from our private school clients, he began to recruit security experts from law enforcement and the US military to guide the organization and train its security officers.

The Company continued its growth through the early and mid-nineties, slowly expanding into new market verticals. In 1997, the Cambridge Security launched a significant campaign to enter the national retail market.  The Company built and opened a ‘first of its kind,’ state-of-the-art National Command Center.  The new division was tasked with becoming a single point of contact for national retail clients.  Over the next decade, the National Command Center developed partnerships with more than six hundred security affiliates, managing security projects for large clients including, AutoZone, CitiTrends, A&P, Michaels, ShopRite, Sports Authority, Verizon, and Ulta.

In 2008, Mr. Lazar opened the Company’s first Florida office, in Fort Lauderdale.  Shortly after, he relocated his family to Boca Raton.

For 8 years, the Florida division grew and the Fort Lauderdale office became the Company’s corporate headquarters.  In Florida, Mr. Lazar found the same opportunity he saw in Manhattan 30 years earlier. Applying the same strategies, Cambridge Security quickly became recognized as a significant and professional security firm with a reputation for excellence in gated-community and private school security in South Florida.

 In 2016, James D’Arcy, a former client with a diverse professional history in business, law enforcement, and fire and rescue, joined the company as its Vice President of Operations and within 2 years became its COO. In 2018, Cambridge became one of the few companies to be licensed in Palm Beach County as an Advanced Life Support (ALS) provider. Together, Mr. D’Arcy and Mr. Lazar executed the strategy that led the company to focus on Florida and its core competencies.  By 2019, all other divisions of Cambridge Security were sold to a trusted former affiliate and the Company became truly Florida-centric.

Cambridge is now recognized as the pre-eminent security provider in the State of Florida.