Logistics & Warehouse Security

Security for every step of your supply chain.

The strength of your logistics and warehouse security program has a direct impact your bottom line. You can’t afford to have a weak link in your supply chain.

Due to the layout of most distribution centers and warehouses, the large volume of inbound and outbound traffic, the activity inside and outside the facility, and the steady stream of people, product and machines, choosing the right security provider is a critical way to eliminate risk.

Cambridge Security has years of experience in warehouse, merchandise, and pharmaceutical distribution centers. From emergency services in the event of a natural disaster to a security presence during labor job actions and strikes, Cambridge Security Services is your trusted partner that keeps your supply chain moving.

Cambridge Security Services is uniquely capable of satisfying your warehouse security and supply chain needs, including:

  • Armed and Unarmed Security Personnel
    Cambridge Security tailors training to each individual client and site with a thorough training process that exceeds state requirements. From terrorism awareness and active shooter training to courses on great customer service and conflict resolution, Cambridge officers are equipped to handle all your security needs with professionalism and skill.
  • Mobile Patrol Services
    If your situation calls for high visibility or large area patrol, Cambridge has you covered. We cater our patrol services to each clients’ needs, whether that’s patrols on foot, bike, or by vehicle.
  • Access Control
  • Integrated Technology Solutions: CCTV Surveillance and Monitoring
    We can supplement our physical security services with integrated technology solutions, including card access systems and CCTV surveillance. As a Cambridge customer, you are linked to the reach and responsiveness of our National Command Center. Optional remote monitoring in our command center is available to all of our customers.
  • Alarm Response and Verification
    Under-resourced and overburdened police departments across the country lack the manpower to respond to repeat burglar alarms. Many municipalities penalize security minded facilities with fines for false alarms. We can provide you with the confidence of a timely and efficient alarm response, without the risk of penalties, legal action, or being placed on “do not respond” lists.
  • Security Consulting
    Our security professionals have years of experience in securing all types of properties and critical infrastructure. Let us help you design and security envelope that keeps your people and property safe.
  • Truck Seal Management
  • Undercover Investigators and Detectives
    Cambridge Security offers investigative and detective services to reduce pilferage and loss in the supply chain. Our consultants can help identify any risks, and provide actionable information that enables our clients to address these situations.
  • Fire Watch Services
    Fire alarm system down? Have fire officials ordered an emergency fire watch while repairs are to your system are performed? No matter what the situation, Cambridge can provide expedient, 24/7 fire watch services at your facility.
  • Standard Credit Auditing
    For companies that use a 3PL to receive freight, it’s imperative to know if the 3PL is giving you proper credit for their assumed shortages and damages. Cambridge Security’s trained auditors can represent your best interests at your 3PL’s warehouse, and participate in standard credit auditing as a witness or participant. Cambridge’s auditors are qualified to certify all audits.
  • Unionized Job Actions and Strike Security
    Picket lines and job actions are designed to slow your supply chain to a crawl. Our trained officers can keep your trucks moving by enforcing property boundaries and documenting illegal picketing and protestor activity.
  • Emergency Security Services
    Should the unexpected occur–like a natural disaster–Cambridge Security is ready to provide support at a moment’s notice, for the duration of the event. Our officers are backed by our 24/7 National Command Center and National Network, linking them to state and local law enforcement agencies.