Emergency Response Security for Natural Disasters

24/7 Security Services for emergencies and disasters

In the event of a natural disaster, Cambridge Security’s Emergency Response Security units—staffed by highly trained officers—are prepared for rapid deployment, nationwide. We have experience with major disasters, including Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Katrina, and 9/11, and are ready to assist your business or community with rapid and flexible solutions, such as:

• Immediate security for emergencies or unexpected situations
• Support from armed or unarmed officers
• Retail security services in the event of alarm failure, natural disasters or civil unrest
• Development of Business Continuity Plans/Emergency Readiness Plans
• Workplace security training

Our emergency response services are available 24/7. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a community safety threat, our teams are ready to respond. With backgrounds in law enforcement and the military, Cambridge Security’s executive team and officers are extremely experienced and equipped to handle the most difficult situations. Each of our security officers are connected to our State-Wide Command Center staffed 24/7 by an extensive network of experienced security professionals, armed with the most up-to-date information from local, state, and federal agencies. Our command center monitors situations as they develop, assessing the needs of our clients and security agents to rapidly address any changes as they arise.

Does your business or community have a comprehensive action plan for emergency or natural disaster security? Let Cambridge Security review your business continuity plan or emergency readiness plan to address potential security concerns before the situation arises. You can read more about our four-step approach to understanding and assessing your security challenges here: Security Consulting.

Call our security consultants to assess, discuss and develop your emergency procedures and disaster security plans: 844-GUARDU2.

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