Cambridge Security Officer Saves a Life

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Story & Photos by Timmy Wakefield, Cambridge Security Services Marketing Coordinator 

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A Cambridge Security officer saved the life of a Loxahatchee Club resident in Jupiter, Florida, Aug. 22, 2020. 

Lt. Darrell Carbone, assigned to the Loxahatchee Club, responded and administered lifesaving first aid to James Schechter when he was found unresponsive on the club’s golf course at 12:53 p.m. Along with Carbone in providing lifesaving first aid were residents Ken Ranieri and Xavier Esteves. 

“I received a phone call from dispatch and the person on the other line had said ‘We have a person down and needs medical attention right away’” Carbone said. “I immediately left for the green while making sure all necessary medical equipment was with me. Simultaneously, I was in contact with medical to get help. 

“Jim was having a great game that day,” Ken said as he laughed. “Then all of a sudden he passed out and I immediately thought  heat stroke because it’s the middle of August at nearly 100 degrees.” 

Ranieri, who has been trained in CPR, leaned down to Schechter to check his airway, breathing and circulation. When he analyzed the situation, he began chest compressions. Ranieri was able to get Schechter to breathe, but it had failed a few times. 

(From left) Director of Operations for CSS Palm Beach and Treasure Coast office, Juan-Carlos Carrera, Lt. Darrell Carbone with a Gold Star award, James Schechter, Loxahatchee Club resident, Chip Misch, General Manager for Loxahatchee Club, and Frank Good, Director of Safety and Security for Loxahatchee Club. Schechter suffered a massive heart attack Aug. 22, 2020 on the Loxahatchee Club golf course. (Photo by Cambridge Security Services Marketing Coordinator, Timmy Wakefield)

Carbone, a Marine veteran, had arrived on scene noticing that Ranieri was providing CPR. Carbone immediately sprung into action lifting Schechter’s legs to improve circulation to the heart and lungs. 

Carbone said, “I have 35 years of training and experience in CPR through my military and law enforcement careers. When I saw that he wasn’t breathing I began taking over CPR so Ken could take a break. It wasn’t until about a minute that Mr. Schechter began breathing again. He’d actually stopped breathing a couple of times so we applied the automated external defibrillator (AED). This device analyzes heart rhythm and has the ability to recommend shock. Luckily, it determined that a shock wasn’t necessary.” 

Carbone and Ranieri were able to resuscitate Schechter through chest compressions alone. The fire department arrived and took Schechter to a nearby hospital. It was later discovered that Schechter had 100 percent blockage in two arteries. A medical procedure cleared the blockage and he was back to normal within a week. 

“Later when I heard about the severity of his condition, they call it the ‘Widowmaker,’” said Carbone. “You know 99 percent of the time you don’t survive it, so I’m really glad that I was able to keep Mr. Schechter alive.” 

James was doing surprisingly well playing golf this particular Saturday. James, can you not do that anymore?” Esteves said laughing referring to Schechter’s heart attack. 

Lt. Carbone received a Gold Star award for his actions. Cambridge’s Gold Star Program focuses on security officers that provide superior customer service, demonstrate leadership, and exceed client expectations. Gold Star Program awardees are awarded a Gold Star pin for their efforts. When an awardee receives their 4th star, they earn a Commendation Bar and a financial bonus. 

Ethan Lazar, Chief Executive Officer of CSS said, “Lt. Carbone is a valued and key member of the Cambridge Team at the Loxahatchee Club. I personally know Lt. Carbone to be one of our best officers. His quick actions in this emergency perfectly represent his professionalism and the Cambridge Core Values.” 

“I would like to emphasize how Lt. Carbone demonstrated his representation of our CSS Core Values,” said Juan-Carlos Carrera, the Director of Operations for Cambridge’s Palm Beach and Treasure Coast branch office. “His training and experience displayed the CSS “World-Class Service” that we give to all of our clients.”

Carrera said, “Lt. Carbone provided a confident and controlled environment, while managing a delicate situation with a positive outcome. Truly, a job well done”

Schechter said, “It’s hard to express the gratitude for everyone that saved my life. Cambridge Security, Lt. Carbone, Ken, and Xavier, all of their expertise saved my life and I can’t thank you enough.”

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