James D’Arcy

Chief Operating Officer


Jim D’Arcy joined Cambridge Security in 2016 as our Vice President of Operations and within 2 years became the company’s COO. Before joining Cambridge Security, Mr. D’Arcy was a Vice President for our largest client, the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P) where, among things, he was responsible for corporate security, executive protection, loss prevention, store safety and crisis management. During his tenure at A&P, the company operated 600 retail locations, seven warehouses including a pharmaceutical distribution center, and a corporate campus in Montvale, New Jersey. Those sites contained advanced security counter measures including over 500 armed and unarmed security personnel, more than 50,000 CCTV cameras, access control hardware and software, biometric technologies, perimeter intrusion detection systems, and exception-based reporting platforms.

Mr. D’Arcy has an extremely diverse professional background. He began his career as a law-enforcement officer in the state of New Jersey before transitioning into the private sector. He is a certified interrogator and has conducted over 1,000 interviews.

As a speaker at several private security and loss prevention conferences, Mr. D’Arcy has presented on topics including active shooter incidents, disaster response, and crisis management.

Mr. D’Arcy is a former Fire Captain, serving in the world’s largest volunteer fire department for 20 years, including 10 years on the Department’s Special Services and Hazardous Materials Unit and 10 years as a New Jersey state Fire Service Instructor. Mr. D’Arcy has received six commendations for service in law-enforcement and fire service, including saving the life of a fellow firefighter.