Workplace Security

Cambridge Security offers a range of workplace security services to organizations nationwide. Designed to ensure a safe, productive work environment for all employees, these services are a combination of the following:

  • Workplace Security Consulting— risk assessment, preparedness training, early intervention, and crisis intervention.
  • Security Services— uniformed security officers, 24/7 CCTV security monitoring and surveillance, mobile patrols, and building and campus access controls.

Preventing workplace violence is a critical challenge faced by employers. Cambridge Security has the experience, expertise, and resources necessary (1) to guide your organization in the adoption of best practices for a safe workplace (2) to support your administration and HR Department in preventing, identifying, and addressing workplace security threats; and (3) to act as a deterrent to potential risk, while creating a welcoming and secure environment for your employees and visitors. An American-owned and operated security company, we have an in-depth understanding of the culture and conversations in America’s workplaces, along with the risks facing them.

“Cambridge Security’s experience in workplace security is second to none. Carefully cultivated, our leadership team consists of a diverse group of individuals who have had highly successful careers in all areas of security, from senior law enforcement officers to security executives for multibillion dollar organizations. This real-world experience is critical, and affords us a deep understanding of client needs and how to mitigate risk in the workplace without adding complexity to your operations.”
—Jim D’Arcy, Vice President of Operations

Workplace Security Consulting Services to Empower Your Employees

Our seasoned management team knows what workplace violence, and its warning signs, looks like. We provide critical training to help assess risk and provide recommendations to ensure the safety of your staff. These services are designed for HR Departments, administration, senior executives, and staff, and cover topics such as:

Warning signs to look for

How to report a problem

How to protect yourself in a dangerous or potentially dangerous situation

How to handle a disgruntled or agitated employee

How to handle mail safely

Our training programs are designed to foster preparedness, teach key personnel how to identify and navigate opportunities for early intervention, and equip employees with information and techniques that enable them to protect themselves in the event of workplace violence. With our workplace security training, your employees will feel empowered.

Your Security Team Plays a Critical Role in Workplace Security

A uniformed security presence is one of the most effective deterrents to those who intend to commit an act of violence. While the presence of armed or unarmed security officers is a start, a great security team can go even further, developing relationships and drawing on detailed training not only in the event of a crisis, but as the earliest warning signs appear. Cambridge Security’s officers bring more than just their ‘presence’ to your workplace:

  • We hire professionals who are trustworthy and personable – a quality that allows them to develop a rapport with our clients’ staff. This is a detail that makes all the difference when monitoring for troubling behavior and knowing how to respond.
  • Our armed and unarmed security officers are given extensive training in conflict resolution, calming and de-escalation tactics, and facilitation.
  • The individuals we hire have military or law-enforcement backgrounds, equipping them with actionable experience in asset protection and crisis intervention.

Cambridge Security’s armed and unarmed guards can also support your HR Team during interactions that could pose a potential safety risk, such as a termination, as a presence during the discussion and/or to escort the individual from the premises.

In addition to their extensive training, our officers and clients are supported by our 24/7 State-Wide Command Center. Backed by a network of local law enforcement agencies, the Command Center provides one point of contact for a rapid response in the event of an emergency. Our relationship with local law enforcement agencies also provides our personnel with up-to-date intelligence and information.

Make your Workplace Safer with Cambridge Security

At Cambridge Security, our objective is to see our clients thrive! From our leadership teams to our officers on-site, you will find Cambridge Security working as a part of your team.

For more information on how Cambridge Security can help you, please contact us at 844-GUARDU2 for a

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