Manny Gomez

Operations Manager, Central Florida

A seasoned professional with an impressive career in security, law enforcement, and the military, Mr. Gomez joined Cambridge Security in November 2016 as our operations manager for Central Florida.

Mr. Gomez has more than 30 years of industry experience in private investigation and commercial security, and is certified by The American Board for Certification in Homeland Security, Class Level 111; FEMA for public safety and security during disaster response; and the National Rifle Association as a Certified Firearms Instructor. He is a National Association Investigative Specialist (NAIS), and an active member of the Florida Association of Private Investigators (FAPI.

Mr. Gomez is a graduate of two Law Enforcement Academies, both Federal and State. A former member of the United States Marine Corp, he spent six years in honorable active service. Mr. Gomez also served within the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Florida Department of Corrections as a Correction Officer.