Security Escorts for Visiting Nurses


Cambridge Security offers a range of security services to Visiting Nurse Organizations, including security escorts for visiting nurses, drivers and walking services, language translation services, and customized reporting and consulting services.

Visiting Nurse Organizations have a unique set of issues to manage in the delivery of their services, with the safety and security of their patients and employees being of prime concern. We launched our Clinician Escort Program in response to a growing need for security for visiting nurses. Cambridge Security will partner with you to create a safe, respectful, and professional environment in which to care for patients in the home.

Cambridge Security offers the following essential security services seven days a week, 24 hours a day through our Clinician Escort Program:

Clinician Escorts

A Cambridge Security Officer will accompany your clinician into the patient’s home, ensuring their personal safety. At no time is the clinician left unattended. All Clinician Escorts are HIPAA-trained. They are licensed in the state in which we do business; must meet our stringent training requirements, drug screening, and pass a criminal background check.

Driver/Walking Service

A Cambridge Security Officer will pick up and drop off your clinician from a pre-determined location, and will drive the clinician to their patient locations throughout their shift. In some instances, it makes more sense to walk. We currently have an escort walking program in a large metropolitan city. We’ll do what works best for you and your personnel.

Language Translation Services

Understanding that clinicians work with clients from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, we offer language translation services on request. In addition to being bi-lingual, our security officers are trained in common medical terminology.

Customized Reporting and Consulting Services

Using smartphones, equipped with custom-designed software, our security officers are able to collect data while working with your clinicians, some of which includes the following;

  • Clinician start time
  • Time spent with each patient
  • Clinician travel time between each patient visit
  • Clinician end time
  • Precise GPS information (i.e. – zip codes) as to the location of the clinician at any time during their work assignment

The data collected can be customized to fit your organizational needs. All of this data is sent to our 24/7 State-Wide Command Center via phone, which is equipped with wireless and email.

For more information about our Clinician Escort Program, please contact our Business Development Team at 1-866-645-1682.