The Strike Management Division of Cambridge Security can provide you with the best strike management and strike security services in the industry. We are a full service provider of well-screened, trained, and managed strike force personnel. Seasoned security professionals, our carefully-recruited officers have the unique skills and professional philosophy required for strike security and demanded by the industry.

We work in cooperation with our clients, planning for any contingency. State and local laws, legal counsel, and client requests govern our methods. We provide a low confrontation, high documentation approach to strike security in order to limit client liability and prevent workplace violence. Our extensive pre-strike contingency and planning as well as our professional approach have been instrumental in breaking countless labor stalemates. As a result, we have become a formidable strike force in the industry as well as a bargaining chip for our clients.

Key Factors for Strike Security Success

Over the years, Cambridge Security has gained great acclaim from our clients and their attorneys, as well as the negotiating teams for our strike management. Our success is the result of the following key factors:

  • We understand the client’s operating philosophy

  • Through extensive pre-strike planning, we anticipate potential problems and create solutions before a strike occurs, thereby reducing disruptions

  • As with our regular security force, we provide well-screened, trained, and supervised personnel who are experienced with strike security

  • We understand the critical importance of complying with labor laws and work closely with legal counsel

  • We have the ability to offer full strike services, including replacement workers

  • Through our security approach, we are able to keep the client at ease, while contributing to a business as usual environment


Cambridge Security utilizes a four-stage pre-strike preparation program:


Pre-strike planning is essential in any potential labor dispute. Cambridge Security begins with a comprehensive in depth analysis of your facility and operational aspects of your company. We identify any high-risk areas at your facilities or any security deficiencies in company procedures and recommend solutions. The information gathered at this stage will help prevent sabotage and minimize vulnerabilities in those areas, which could hamper operations or result in injury to employees. Deterrence, prevention and business as usual are our credo and goal. Even if your company averts a labor dispute, these surveys are very useful.


We put all of the information gathered in stage 1, into a contingency plan customized to your particular needs. We review your contingency plan to ensure that you have considered all the relevant aspects in operating in a business as usual mode. We have been able to prevent major operational difficulties by identifying small oversights, which could prove to be a major problem during a work stoppage. If you do not have a contingency plan we will, at your request, create one for you.


Cambridge Security will work very closely with the legal representatives of your company. The involvement of labor attorneys in the pre-strike preparations is essential in minimizing your exposure to criminal as well as any possible labor related charges that may arise with the National Labor Relations Board (N.L.R.B.) we can provide specialty officers who have the ability to communicate with legal counsel and court officials to assist your attorneys in defending any action.


The final stage and its implementation are entirely up to you, the client. Our professionally trained strike security officers are ready for deployment on your command. In certain scenarios, we recommend that you utilize strike security officers in those areas vulnerable to sabotage prior to the actual expiration of the contract. It is essential that we be in a position to begin immediate deployment in order to ensure continued operations and the safety of the employees and the facility. Therefore, if the security officers are not on the site, they should be positioned as close to your facility as possible.

The Strike Management Division of Cambridge Security gives our clients the confidence and ability to negotiate from strength in any labor dispute. For more information on our strike management and strike security services, please contact our Business Development Team at 866-645-1682.