Cambridge Leadership and Field Training Officers Receive Active Shooter Training

Posted by | April 16, 2018 | Current Events | No Comments

Cambridge Security Services is the benchmark of American security and continues to raise the bar for the entire industry. Unlike many of our competitors, Cambridge Security employs a staff of Field Training Officers (FTO’s) at all of its branches. These FTO’s are responsible for supervision and accountability of our security officers. In some cases, FTO’s are also used to fill open shifts at our accounts, including schools, retail and religious institutions. As such, it is critical that our FTO teams receive the same high level training that our security officers do.

Our expectation that our teams are well-trained does not end at the FTO and security officer level. Accordingly, we believe that Cambridge leadership must also demonstrate the same level of competency and proficiency as our front line teams. That is why all of our Florida Branch Directors, Managers, Specialists and Coordinators recently attended Active Shooter training.

Ethan Lazar, CEO and Founder of Cambridge Security Services said, “In a world of increased uncertainty, security companies have an obligation to evolve and get better. Many security industry training programs are window dressing, more focused on impressing prospective customers, than developing its staff. At Cambridge, however, practical training is our culture. It is central to everything we do.”

As always, this week’s training sessions were delivered by current Police SWAT Operators and are based on the National Tactical Officers Association standards.