Congratulations to the February 2015 Train the Trainers Class!

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We are delighted to announce that the following employees passed our February supervisor’s course, Train the Trainers:

Sgt. Ebony Horton- Site Supervisor NJ
Sgt. Reginald Woodard- Site Supervisor NJ
Sgt. Patrick Thomas- Site Supervisor NJ
Sgt. Will Hernandez- Site Supervisor NY
Sgt. Jean Avin- Site Supervisor NY
Sgt. Jovan Carey- Floating Supervisor NY
Sgt. Luis Hamburgo- Floating Supervisor NY
Sgt. Hector Vidal- Shift Supervisor NY

These employees have the skills, dedication, and training required to hold the position of supervisor at Cambridge Security. They have been carefully selected from the ranks as a result of their diligence, hard work, and experience.

Vice President Ralph Martell leads our Train the Trainers class. It is one of many in-house classes that we run at Cambridge Security to ensure that our employees are qualified and prepared for any security situation. This leadership course was developed as part of our commitment to providing employees with the opportunity to develop the skills they need to be successful in their careers in the security industry, and to grow within our company.

On behalf of the executive team at Cambridge Security, we congratulate these employees and wish them the very best for their future with us.