Meet Cambridge Security’s Residential Security Experts at The Cooperator Expo South Florida, Dec 12, Booth #405

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Join us at The Cooperator Expo South Florida in Fort Lauderdale on December 12, booth #405, and meet our team of residential security experts. The expo provides board members and property managers with the opportunity to talk to service providers from across the region, all in one convenient location. Ask us about the important steps you can take to keep your residential community safe and secure!

Looking to choose a security firm that you can trust and is right for your residential community? Here’s what Cambridge Security offers our clients, as a comparison to any other:

Experience and reliability. Cambridge Security has been providing security guard services to residential communities for more than 30 years—we are the doormen and lobby receptionists in high-rise buildings, the guards in gatehouses at private gated communities, and the officers who are conducting security patrols for large campuses. As well as our organization’s experience in the industry, our people are highly accomplished, too. We are proud to recruit from the ranks of former military, law enforcement, and first responders, along with those from private security, to make up a professional security force that you can rely upon.

A commitment to standards of the highest level. In addition to meeting all licensing requirements, our employees must pass a multitude of tests and background checks. Our selective hiring process is paired with a robust training program that starts in the classroom and continues into the field. It is on-going throughout the employee’s career. We use a five-tier system of supervision that engages all levels of management from the site supervisor assigned to your property to the executive team member responsible for your account. Our national command center is manned 24/7 by seasoned security professionals ready to answer your call and respond to any emergency security situation.

Our security officers understand the important role they play to your community. In addition to providing well-trained security officers who are ready to respond and who serve as a deterrent to crime, our personnel will enhance your community’s way of life. We carefully select our officers, understanding that the right tone for your community starts with assigning the right security personnel. As “the gatekeeper” for your property, our officers greet residents as they go about their daily lives, collect packages during the day, and screen and welcome visitors and service providers, for example. Cambridge Security understands how important it is to implement security measures that protect your residents and their property, while maintaining an atmosphere that is appropriate for your community’s personality and level of prestige.

If you are looking at residential security companies in the region, it’s time to add Cambridge Security to your list. Please drop by our booth #405, or call our business development team, and ask for a complimentary site analysis and quote!