Retailers, Fill in Your Security Gaps with Our Emergency Security Services This Holiday Shopping Season

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Cambridge Security Services, a leading retail security company, offers a range of emergency security services, including security guards for hire on a temporary basis, to retailers nationwide. With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to put us on speed dial.

Cambridge Security has been serving the retail industry for more than 30 years, and we know that the busiest period in the retail calendar can test anyone’s patience. At a time when your organization should be focused on sales, unforeseen security emergencies can be a cause of distraction and disruption. We can fill in the gaps in your physical security, with well-trained professional security officers who have experience in the retail industry. We can also provide support for major shopping events like Black Friday, with its ever-widening run-up sales on Thanksgiving evening. Whether you require additional security at your store locations, or in your distribution centers and warehouses, one call to Cambridge Security will bring the extra security that you need, day or night.

Emergency Preparedness and Readiness Programs are often tested during the holiday season as well. Retailers need to be prepared for circumstances beyond their control, such as major weather events, or homeland security threats. We can work with you to minimize potential retail loss and address all of your security concerns. Our world-class security consultants are here to help you navigate this complex situation.

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About Our Experience in Retail Security
Since 1984, Cambridge Security Services has been providing quality security services. We are recognized in security and business circles as a significant and professional security firm with a reputation for excellence. Our extensive National Network consists of over 3,500 police officers and 650 security companies, trained and instructed to provide the quality service that Cambridge Security demands.

Working with a number of national retail chains, Cambridge Security has experience in every aspect of retail security, with a focus on retail loss prevention. To read more about the services that we provide, please click here to visit the retail security section of our website.

These retail security services include:

  • Physical Security
  • Armed Security Escorts
  • Verified Alarm Response
  • Mystery Shopper Program
  • Distribution Centers
  • Anti-piracy

For more information, please call the Cambridge Security Business Development Team at 1-866-645-1682.