Cambridge Security Recognizes Military Appreciation Month with R.E.D. Program

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RED Shirt Fridays, Corporate Office Team, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Cambridge Security is proud to be an employer of American military veterans. We recognize the significant sacrifice that America’s veterans have made for our country, and those who continue to serve–including some of our own–are never far from our thoughts.

It is in this spirit that we’ve introduced a company-wide initiative known as ‘Red Shirt Fridays,’ wearing the color red as a nod to the acronym ‘R.E.D.,’ which stands for ‘Remember Everyone Deployed.’ Each Friday, employees working at Cambridge Security’s offices across the nation wear red shirts to recognize Americans who are currently deployed with our military. Employees in our Florida offices have been participating in this program since April, and the program kicked off in in our offices nationwide last week.

Especially during National Military Appreciation Month, Cambridge Security salutes our veterans, and those who are currently serving in our nation’s military. Thank you to all who are participating in ‘R.E.D,’ and to Steve Metts, our Senior Director of Operations in Florida and a Coast Guard Veteran, for starting this program!