Do You Have Peace of Mind Where You Worship?

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Security for Churches, Synagogues, Temples, and Affiliated Religious Schools: Four Things to Consider

Security is an important component of everyday life, and has to take a priority in our churches, synagogues and affiliated religious schools. Houses of worship should be a safe space for the people who come together there, however, as we are all aware, unfortunate incidents still occur at these special places, from burglary and theft – and even worse.

By taking a proactive approach to security, it is possible to minimize these safety risks. With the appropriate security programs in place, your community can feel at ease as they worship and participate in their faith. Finding the right security program with the right qualifications is a crucial part of creating a space that is both welcoming and protected.

When developing security services for churches, synagogues, temples or religious schools, there are several points to consider:

  • Is your security plan customized to your space? The ideal security plan combines the right elements for the environment. A walk through of the facility will help determine what services would be most beneficial. Does the building require electronic surveillance such as CCTV Security Monitoring and Surveillance Systems and Remote Video Monitoring? Will there be special events during which security guards might be beneficial? The right security program will take a holistic look at the facility and how it’s  used to determine what type of program should be implemented.
  • Can your security provider train key personnel within your organization? In the face of an emergency, a community looks to its leaders. With proper training, these individuals can handle threats effectively should a situation occur.
  • Does your security team conduct itself with professionalism and sensitivity? Churches, synagogues, temples and affiliated religious schools require security personnel who present themselves in a professional manner, unobtrusive, and sensitive to religious cultures.
  • Is your security provider available at a moment’s notice? Because threats are unpredictable, it is imperative to have a vigilant security team that can be relied upon, and one that is able to respond 24/7.

These key details make all the difference. With years of experience with church security, synagogues and religious schools, Cambridge Security understands the security challenges facing the religious organizations we serve, along with how to address them. To learn more about our security services for houses of worship, click here.