Cambridge Security Rolls Out New Training Program for Our Gated Community Security Teams

Posted by | March 16, 2018 | Current Events | No Comments

Cambridge Security Services is the premier provider of gated community security throughout South Florida, and we take that role very seriously.

Two of the most common crimes reported in south Florida’s high-end gated communities are car theft and burglary. HOA’s and POA’s throughout Palm Beach County are frequently targeted by traveling criminals seeking luxury cars and easily fenced jewelry and electronics. The increasing opium-derivative addiction is fueling these crimes.

This week, our Training and Officer Development Team began delivering courses on Patrol Concepts to our security teams in gated communities in Palm Beach County. The new Patrol Concepts course complements existing programs, and includes instruction on:

  • Patrol Activities
  • Preventative Patrol
  • Suspicious Person Contacts
  • Vehicle Techniques
  • Responding to Calls for Service
  • Handling Disturbances
  • Handling Sick, Injured, Deceased Persons
  • Fire Calls

Jim D’Arcy, Cambridge Security’s COO said of the training, “Although all licensed security officers attend between 40 and 68 hours of state mandated instruction, that training does not equip officers with all the skills required to work in Florida’s gated communities. We’re bridging that gap with meaningful and ongoing training, like this course. That said, gated community safety has to be a partnership, there are important steps that homeowners can take to mitigate the risk of car theft of burglary.”

Those steps include:

  • Lock your vehicle doors every time you park your car, even for quick stops or at home
  • If possible, park your vehicle in your garage
  • Never leave valuable items of any kind inside your vehicle
  • Cell phone power cords, GPS holders, and other accessories attract attention from thieves
  • Never leave your car keys or key fob in your vehicle, for any reason
  • Report suspicious activity immediately