Just Published! Read The Cambridge Security Journal – Healthcare Security Issue

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We are delighted to present The Cambridge Security Journal – Healthcare Security Issue.

In this issue, we look at security challenges impacting healthcare organizations. There’s a feature article on security in a hospital setting, an interview with a Cambridge Security executive on security for visiting nurses — one of our areas of specialty, and more.

Healthcare organizations have many kinds of physical security needs. Security officers play a major role in protecting employees, patients, medical supplies, and property. It is a unique environment requiring special attention to a wide range of vulnerabilities and considerations. To get your copy of The Cambridge Security Journal, visit www.cambridgesecurityservices.com/the-cambridge-security-journal.

The next issue of The Cambridge Security Journal will be published in September, and will cover security for residential and commercial buildings and properties. If you’re not on our email list, please sign up at: www.cambridgesecurityservices.com/the-cambridge-security-journal.

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