Workplace Security: Recent Mass Shootings Should Have Businesses Across the United States Re-evaluating Security Practices. FiOS1 News interviews Senior Vice President, Ralph Martell

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The most recent mass shootings in Colorado and California occurred in the workplace, reminding Americans that there are no sanctuaries. Gun violence can take place in a theater, at school, and in the workplace—in fact, wherever we live our lives.

Yesterday, Cambridge Security’s Senior Vice President Ralph Martell was interviewed by FiOS1 News about workplace security and what businesses can do to better protect their employees from mass shootings.

“New measures must be made to protect employees and customers,” says Ralph Martell, Senior Vice President. “These incidences are tragic reminders to businesses that they can not allow their operations to become vulnerable”.

This interview briefly outlines our recommendations for workplace security, which include a combination of tactics ranging from physical security and security deterrents to employee training.

In the case of an active shooter in your workplace, Martell says, “If you can, run. If you cannot safely leave the area, find a place to hide and wait for law enforcement to come.” His final advice to the interviewer,” If you see something, say something before it is too late”.

We encourage you to watch the full interview with FiOS1 News: